Who are we?

We are on a mission to simplify and enhance the experience of a user while learning, so that they can focus on learning itself and not trying to find terminologies and good content.

" I don't fear a man who knows thousand topics. I fear a man who knows a thousand things about a topic."

- Utkarsh 😁

So how did it all start?

It all started on a day when Christian and me were chatting as usual. We were talking about how we had encountered a lot of problems while learning something. I had some initial ideas about Auxin from another guy named Gary, who dreamt of it. I worked on it further and formed a mental image of what Auxin was supposed to be. I contacted Christian whether we should work on it or not. Good heavens, we did. We converted the "it" to Auxin. We worked on even more features, and converted the idea into a product.

We knew we could expand it into an even better product. We had set up a Discord server already and then we found people who had similar ideas of changing the way one learns. With their help, we are who we are now. We started out as a team and then we turned into a family. A family of coders, designers, marketeers, coffee-lovers, anime otakus and much more. The one thing which made us powerful was a vision, a vision to help users focus more on learning and less on things which aren't important.

Finally, we started getting good responses and we knew that we now had the power to change the existing problems into changing someone's life.

- Utkarsh, CEO & Founder

Here is our team

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Christian Barton Randall


Christian, is a person who loves to code. His previous works are open-source made to help thousands of people in the community. He is passionate about technology and plans to study in MIT and change even more lives.

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Utkarsh Dubey

Chief Executive Officer

Utkarsh is responsible for the every day working of the company and the product itself. He's one of the original ideators of the product and built the first prototype in a night over lots of caffeine.

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Anshul Mahajan

Chief Product Officer

Anshul handles everything related to the product.

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Udeshna Srimal

Management Team

Manages the team, its workflow, and the product DevOps.

Want to work with us?

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